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Instafoods brings a new way to grocery shopping, by putting everyone together for great deals. Our platform enables customers to come and purchase groceries from their favourite stores, and have our drivers do the shopping for them and deliver the groceries right to their door step within 2-3 hours. We have put all the grocery stores in your area on our platform and you are able to price match products while at the comfort of you home and our drivers will get the products for you while you are home and saving money.

 What makes our site unique from other Ecommerce website is that we offer the chance for our customers to shop by shopping list, product, and store and compare the product price among thousands to millions of stores in their area. Our customers have the opportunity to chat directly with the stores during their purchase if they need anything or have questions. They will also have the opportunity to chat with our drivers directly as well when purchasing their groceries.

 Our vendors gets a chance to put their full store inventory or link their personal website to our website. This will increase our vendors chance for their product to be seen and increase sales. We strive to make sure both our vendors and customers are getting the satisfaction they deserve from their shopping online or in store, by giving our customers great prices from millions of products in their area and giving our vendors the opportunity to access a huge pool of customers in their area as they come on our site for great deals. Vendors have the opportunity to put their entire store inventory and discuss live with their customers online.

To all of you, from all of us at lnstafoods - Thank you and Happy Shopping and Social sharing Sincerely,

lnstafoods Team