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A message from our CEO about Covid 19

Let’s all help each other during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

As a Canadian owned business our staff are in this challenging time together with all of you.

We are now navigating this uncertainty. Much like the rest of you, we certainly did not think that a major pandemic would come to Canada and change the way we live our lives. Things we are used to and take for granted. Like going grocery shopping, going for walks going for a cup of coffee to our favourite coffee places and restaurants would all be shattered by a virus nobody saw coming.

None of us have experienced a pandemic, so we are all taking this day by day. Here at lnstafoods we are choosing to remain positive and want to make sure all of Canada does as well. We know how this pandemic has left many paralyzed with fear and are not able to get the basic commodities they need on a daily basis and we also want to make sure all our elderly parents are taken care of.

In the hope of helping reduce the spread of Covid-19, lnstafoods was created to make sure we can help the community by doing all their grocery shopping from their favourite stores and offer our delivery services door to door to every Canadian Countrywide.

We are a strong believers of self isolation and want everyone to stay home. This doesn’t mean we are going to starve ourselves because we are afraid to go out and get basic groceries we need. We can still help and stay isolated but we don’t have to starve ourselves in the process or risk our health and go and line up in the never ending line up we are all now getting accustomed to.

At lnstafoods, let us take all that headache and fear from you and our experience and trained drivers will go to your grocery stores and pick up your groceries and deliver them right to your door.

They will take every precaution to make sure the groceries are handled with care. They will wear and change gloves for each delivery they do, use appropriate disinfectant necessary, so both drivers and our customers are safe. All your groceries will be left at the door. And you won’t have to make contact with our drivers.

We are in this together. Let’s all stay safe, stay home and help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Instafoods yours forever.

A message from lnstafoods.