How it Works for Customers

1) Register or sign in by email or Facebook login
2) Enter your Postal code/zip code or city.
3) Enter the area you want to shop by postal code/zip code, or city
4) Enter shopping style by selecting either shop by
-shopping list
-shop by Product
-shop by store or company
5) Click shop by category icon and look for the category you want to shop for, e.g. furniture, groceries, antiques, collectibles, hotels reservations, flight booking, car rentals, houses for rent/sale, housewares, insurances, clothing, and more

6) When entering the product, the customer will see lot of product associated with the product requested and the customer will have to identify the exact product needed. e.g. they want cooking all, the site will pull out all cooking oil on our database and you will choose the favourable product.

7) Once the customer have listed the products They want to buy, they can click the search buttons and all the stores in their area will appear and list how much they are selling the product for.

8) The customer will then decide whether to buy the product online, or go to the store.
9) The customer will also have a choice if they decide to buy online on whether they want to go and pick up the product in store or get it shipped/delivered.
10) If the customer decides to go and pick up in store they will have the option of asking the store to have their products ready for pick up ( ready for pick up) or select the product themselves when they get to the store ( In person selection)
11) Customers have a chance to save their shopping list for when they are ready to purchase, of which at that time they will just refresh the list by clicking search again to get the current price.
12) Customers have the option of emailing the list to friends/ family or businesses on Facebook, Twitter, blogs or other Social Media networks. (Share their list)
13) If customer paid online and is going to do store pick up they will have to print the receipt which will contain an Invoice number to the store and the products they bought and show that to the store/business owner for pick up.
14) Customers can leave reviews about their experience on our site.
15) Customer can also suggest which businesses or stores they want to see on our site.