How it Works for Vendors

Register as business

1) Registration ----> create company profile, company name, upload logo and slogan, detailed description of the product they sale, contact telephone, contact fax, contact name, business address; create username and password, email address, and the option to change the password.
They also have access to link our website to their social networks
2) Start creating their product templates. Have access to provide each product detail, sale, discounts, and original price
3) Select payment methods options, - In-Store Only, Online Only, Online and In store
4) Give customers the option to purchase their product online or in store. With a Purchase now button and an In-Store button when exiting the shopping list.
5) Create payment methods if accepting online purchases.
6) Have access to Message Center where all your orders will be sent, and the product details.
7) Select shipping methods you offer- Shipping/Delivery or in Store pick up only or both
8) For In store Pick up give customers the option to select if they want their products ready for pick up or in person selection where they will have to come and choose the product themselves.
9) Have access to Purchase history database to use on your profile. The profile is linked to your Message Center
10) The database will save all transaction for a month and will automatically email all monthly transaction to the contact person.
11) Get alerts for all purchases made online to be set to notify the contact person at the store as the transaction go through and to also appear on the purchase history.
12) Get Alerts to the business about shipping or in store pickups on all online transactions.
13) Get the option for the businesses to customize the wait time for in store pickups or shipping/delivery.
14) Get a small template for businesses to use to add an automatic personalized thank you message to all their customers who purchase online.
15) Add a review page on your templates, the customer must be signed in on our site but will have to use their username to leave a review on a business template.
The reviews should be linked to the email provided on the company profile and will be send to the contact person for approval to be posted on their site or not. if they approve they should click an approval button or decline if they don't want it on their site. You have that choice.
16) All vendors have access to their own a homepage with products from manufacturers, like the one we have for customers, the page that will have all the products listed on it displayed in the same page they use to sign in, In this case the vendors will have to sign in on the customer homepage and they will be redirected to the Vendor homepage which will future all the manufacturing companies we have on our site and their products, they will have the option of shopping for supplies with the same shopping interfaces on our customers like shop by shopping list, shop by product, shop by manufacturer. On this page vendors can order more inventories and the vendor buyers can have access to a lot of inventory and suppliers. This page will only be accessible to vendors with profiles with us. The manufactures should list whether they only sell to businesses or to customers as well. If they do both, then their products will appear on both the customer and vendor pages. If you are don’t want to shop and look for products on our homepage you have the option to proceed to your profile but at least have the option to choose whether you want to shop or just visit your profiles.