Instructions to Applicant

Step 1 : Please print this entire document, read it, and follow steps 2, 3 and 4 below.

Step 2: Gather the following three documents:

Documentation Required For Proper Authentication of Applicant

  1. A current, valid, governmentally-issued photo I.D. (such as a driver's license, passport, personal identification card, a concealed weapons permit, military ID, or other form of government generated photo I.D).

  2. Two forms of secondary evidence to establish your identity, both of which must contain your name. One of these must be from a financial institution:

Acceptable financial institution documents include:

a) A major credit card, provided it contains an expiration date and has not expired

b) A debit card from a regulated financial institution, provided it has an expiration date and has not expired.

c) A mortgage statement from a recognizable lender that is less than six months old.

d) A bank statement from a regulated financial institution that is less than six months old.

Acceptable non-financial documents include:

a) Recent original utility bills or certificate from utility company confirming the arrangements to pay for the services at a fixed address (not a mobile/cellular telephone bill)

b) A copy of a statement for a payment of a lease, provided the statement is dated within six months.

c) A certified copy of a birth certificate

d) A local authority tax bill for the past year

e) A certified copy of a court order, such as a divorce certificate, annulment papers, or

adoption papers.

Step 3: Take the required documents and all the printed pages of this “Documentation Instructions” form to a licensed/commissioned notary, OR a licensed attorney with access to a copy machine and fax machine.

Step 4: Ask the licensed/commissioned notary or attorney to follow the instructions below. You may be required to pay a fee for this service.

Step 5: Send by overnight delivery to Instafoods address listed below

  1. The original notarized copy of page 3 of this document.

  2. Photocopies made by the licensed/commissioned notary of the documents used by the

licensed/commissioned notary for authentication.

  1. Instafoods lnc, 144 Overberg Way, Ottawa, Ontario, K2S 0V8.

If you have questions regarding this form or your responsibilities as the applicant, email:


Instructions to Licensed/Commissioned Notary or Attorney

The person providing you this Documentation Instructions form and accompanying documents is an applicant for a store profile at Instafoods and is in the process to become a validated Vendor. Read through this form. Check all documents provided by the Applicant:

General Instructions:

The purpose of this document is to assist in the authentication of the individual presenting this document, herein referred to as the Applicant. The Applicant has applied for to become a vendor on Instafoods. This digital certificate is used to verify the Applicant. As the notary, you are charged with the responsibility to check the validity and integrity of the Applicant’s documentation listed in Step 2. All documentation must be in the Applicant’s name.

After all of the Applicant’s documentation has been checked and the Personal Statement Declaration has been signed and notarized, the Applicant will send via overnight delivery all documents to the Instafoods address listed on these instructions. If you have questions regarding this form or your responsibilities as the notary, please call 613-762-5495. Thank you.


  1. Authenticate the identity of the Applicant using the information and photo identification in the documents listed in Step 2.

  2. Require the Applicant to date and sign in your presence the Personal Statement Declaration below and then notarize the applicant’s signature on that Declaration.

  3. Complete the Notary/Attorney section.

  4. Make photocopies of this form and all documents provided by the Applicant and checked by you as part of this authentication process.

  5. Attest on the photocopy of the government id that it is a full, true, and accurate reproduction of the original.

  6. Return the originals of the documents and forms, and photocopies of the authentication documents to the Applicant.

  7. FAX the copies of all documents to Instafoods at the fax number shown on this document.

You may charge a reasonable fee for your services from the Applicant.


Personal Statement Declaration Made by Applicant According to Instafoods Vendor Validation Certificate Requirements

I, __________________________, the undersigned Applicant, declare under penalty of perjury the following:

. That the information set forth in my Certificate application, order number ________________, to Instafoods and set forth in this Declaration is true, complete, and accurate;

2. That the documents I have provided to the licensed/commissioned notary to substantiate the aforesaid

information constitutes accurate personal information about me;

3. That I am the person referenced in the documents provided and listed herein;

4. That I have provided the following documents to a notary as required by Instafoods.

a. A current, valid, governmentally issued photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license, or passport).

b. The following document from a financial institution:______________________________

c. The following other evidentiary document:_______________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________Date: _____________

Applicant’s Full Name: _____________________________________________

Applicant’s Other Names Used: _______________________________________

Applicant’s Address: _________________________________________________

Notary or Attorney Statement: On the _____ day of _____________________, ______,

there appeared before me the Applicant,_______________________________, who, in my presence, signed and dated this Personal Statement Declaration Made by Applicant According to Instafoods Vendor Validation Certificate Requirements.

Notary/Attorney Signature: ________________________________Date: _________________ Date of Expiration of Notary/Attorney’s License/Commission: ___________________________ State/Province in which Notary/Attorney is Licensed/Commissioned:_____________ License/Commission Number:_______________

Notary/Attorney Address: Street:_________________________________________________ City: _____________________________ State/Province:__________________

Postal Code: ________ Country: ______________________________

Phone: _________________________________ Fax: _________________________________